Grading Done in a Zip! Using ZipGrade

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I don't honestly remember how I heard about ZipGrade but I wish I knew who told me because I want to give them a HUGE hug!! The ZipGrade App has to be one of the BEST programs I have ever used for grading. It is so simple, easy, cheap, and organized! I honestly don't know how it could get any better!

Click HERE to see a tutorial on how to use ZipGrade.

Why do I love ZipGrade? 

  • It makes grading objective tests so simple & easy. All I have to do is make a key on either the paper answer sheet and take a picture of it or I can enter it in on my phone manually. Then, I literally snap pictures of my student's tests and it grades them for me. It shows me what they missed and their score so all I have to do is write on the test. No more walking to a machine in the teacher's work room to grade my papers! I can actually grade them as they turn them in as long as the test is purely objective.  
  • It is cheap. It is free for up to 100 papers a month. Since I teach about 150+ students, this wouldn't even get me through one test. However, it is only $6/yearly for unlimited. I bought it last year and plan to continue to renew it. The answer sheets (3 different versions) are FREE online. No more buying answer sheets from companies that charge a fortune! All you have to do is make copies of them. Here is a link to them.  You can also make a custom answer sheet. This is a new feature so I haven't tried it yet. 
  • Everything is so organized. All my data is on my one little app. I can see each test average. I can see the item analysis showing me how many students missed each question. I have everything there in one place, my phone. I can quickly tell if a student has taken the test by looking at my phone. I can also quickly tell a parent during a conference what their child has been making on their tests without having to sort through all that paper. 
  • Students can use pens or pencils. If you have ever dealt with needing students to only have pencils for a test, you know how big of a pain this is. It doesn't matter on these answer sheets. They can use a pen and can even use correction fluid without it messing the system up. 
  • You can easily make questions different point values with one click of a button. 
  • You can easily change an individual grade or an entire class's grades if you need to throw out a question. 
  • Only the teacher needs technology in order to use ZipGrade so no worrying about your students needing technology. 
I have to say that ZipGrade is one of the best programs I have EVER used in twelve years of teaching. I will never go back to grading objective tests by hand or using a separate machine. 

What do you think? Like ZipGrade? Have questions? Comment below. 

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