Celebrating Election 2016!

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Being a government/history teacher, I can't help but want to do special things for the President Election this year! 

I have already had the Probate Office come to speak with them and show my students the voting machines allowing them to participate in a seniors-only mock election. 

I have done a school-wide mock election electronically using Google Classroom. I posted reputable sources for all the students to view & then had them vote on November 4th. 

I also have 11 seniors that will be working at the polls on election day as poll workers in our city and then returning to class to share their experiences afterwards. 

However, I have a large number of seniors that either won't be 18 yet so they can't vote or work the polls or have after school commitments that keep them from doing so. Nevertheless, I want them to get excited about this upcoming week. At first, I considered watching the election footage but to be honest, that is kind of boring since nothing really starts happening until later in the evening. So I had to get creative!

I explained to my students that it isn't about being a Republican, Democrat, or another party. It is about being an American and celebrating the fact that we even have the RIGHT TO VOTE! I reminded them that millions of people have given their lives for this right and there are still tons of people around the world that would love to have this right. Whether they like the candidates or can actually vote in this election, this will be the first election that my seniors are really old enough to remember. So in honor of this & the sacrifices made for this right, we are going to celebrate as Americans and have a RED, WHITE, & BLUE PARTY!!!

We are going to meet in the library so we will have enough room to spread out. We will all be dressing in patriotic attire & will have the library decorated in a patriotic theme. Everyone is bringing red, white, & blue food (examples: pepperonni pizza, white cheese dip with blue chips, etc.) Americana music will be playing while we play a variety of creative games to celebrate the day!

Games to be played:

1.  Pin the Toupee on Trump Party Game (affiliate link) 

2. Hit Hillary in the Eye with a Fly - a picture of Hillary Clinton with a magnetic dart board behind it. Students will throw magnetic darts with a picture of a fly on them (reminding them of the debate situation). I just made this goofy one up so get creative!! 

3. Presidential Trivia - students will be given random presidential questions that I got from this website (http://www.diva-girl-parties-and-stuff.com/presidential-trivia.html) & will guess which president it goes with. 

4. Election Coloring Station with election coloring pictures

5. Election Kahoots!

6. An Electoral College/Presidential Election Process Game that I am still making as we speak! Will post a picture later! (This will also review them for their upcoming test on all of this information too!)

Here are some of the other game ideas that I would ultimately like to acquire by Election 2020 but haven't gotten yet. If I only had an unlimited supply of money!! :) 

Election Board Game (affiliate link)
Hail to the Cheif (affiliate link) 
Landslide! The Ultimate Game of Presidential Politics (affiliate link) 
Electing A President the Road to the White House (affiliate link) 

This is sure to be a fun party! I'll be sure to include pictures next week after it is over! 

Don't forget to go do your own duty as an American citizen and go...


So, what are you doing for election day? Anything special?? I would love to hear some different ideas!!! Please share your ideas below in the comments!!

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