Teachers, add these 10 things to your shopping list!

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I love Back to School shopping! Maybe it is because I don't have children of my own at home but I love looking through all the school supplies. I have to admit it that I am a school supply addict & have WAY more supplies than I could probably go through in my teaching career. BUT I am very okay with that! :)

I have learned over the years though that some of the most important items I need really aren't school supplies. Here are a few of my favorite things that I would recommend adding to your shopping list! I promise, you will be grateful that you did! (affiliate links below)

1. An awesome cup is so helpful! This one is fantastic! It works just like the Yeti (I promise!) and is so much cheaper! We teachers never get to drink our coffee hot or our water cold so this will solve that problem! I have absolutely LOVED mine!


2. A cute lunch bag is quite nice to have! Don't look like one of the kids or a homeless person with your plastic Walmart bag. Find yourself a cute lunch bag that is insulated. Mine is similiar to the ones below. I love that it doesn't really look like a lunch bag. It is more like a small purse. 


3. Talking about lunch reminded me of the great little soup & salad containers I got. Love them! These make having a healthy lunch so much easier!


4. Comfortable shoes are a must for any teacher. I swear by Clarks! I have worn these shoes since my college days when I was a pharmacy technician standing on my feet for 10 hours straight. I don't buy any other shoes for teaching. They haven't always been the most attractive over the years but they have come a long way & are much cuter now than they have ever been. If you are like me though, I care much more about comfort than style when it comes to working all day. There is NOTHING worse than teaching in an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Amazon has the best deals on these shoes. I have to admit that I have been bad & tried on shoes at the store to come home & order them off Amazon. They are just so much cheaper here!! Check some of the varieties out below:

5. I knew I walked a lot as a teacher, but I had NO IDEA until I got my Fitbit. I just love it! It has really shown me how exercise I am really getting in a day. There are some days that I hit my 10,000 step goal by lunch time and then there are some days that I barely have 2,000 step by 3:00. This has really helped me have a better gauge on my activity and when I need to go home & be more active. I will warn you though, having one of these is rather addictive!!! This is the one I have & I have thoroughly enjoyed having it. 

6. A good rolling cart will come in handy when you have all those papers to grade or lessons to plan. I know what you are thinking, "I'm going to do better this year & not bring all of that home." Well, I hope you do but after 10 years of teaching & telling myself that EVERY year, I am not pretending anymore. A cart like this really helps make my life a little easier! 


7. And for the every day when you don't need a big rolling cart, a nice teacher bag comes in handy as well! 


8. A great devotional book will help you start your day off right!! 


9. If you don't already have one, you NEED a crockpot! This is a teacher's best friend when it comes to dinner time! According to the general public, we leave work at 3:00 & yes, some days I do. However, if you are anything like me, the afternoon is spent running errands & returning phone calls I missed. By the time I get home, I am STARVING & then I have to cook dinner (unless I stopped on the way home to get a not-so-healthy-dinner). I have found that my crockpot is a lifesaver. This one the one I have & it is my favorite because it has a warm feature so if you get home later than you planned, your dinner isn't burnt! It automatically goes to warm after the time has run out. 

10. You never know when you will need an extra cell phone charger for your phone. I like to have one that I leave at school so I never have to worry about forgetting it. I know that despite what our students think, you can live without a cell phone. Most of us remember what life was like before cell phones but they are quite handy & it is a pain when yours dies all of a sudden. So keep an extra one handy! 

Have fun shopping!!! 


  1. I am all about keeping an extra charger at school . I keep an octopus cable because it works for my iPad my iPhone models and it also charges my portable battery pack.

  2. Absolutely! We had a horrible ice storm a couple of years ago here & people were emailing out trying to find chargers. I realized then how important it was to keep an extra at school!6

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  4. Love these shopping tips! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I switched to Clarks this year and am thrilled with them!!! ~Stephanie

    1. Glad you found Clarks! Aren't they the best, Stephanie?! I can't teach without them! Comfort is #1 in my book!!

  6. I had to look up awesome cup (and yeti) LOL! A cart is an absolute need. I rarely have had my own classroom all day and it's great to tote around what I need or even trek stuff to the car. Thank you for all the great suggestions.

    1. So I have to know if you got one of the awesome generic Yeti's yet? I still love mine & use it pretty much every day! Amen to the tote. I don't know what I would do without mine. So helpful!